Enjoy exquisite food, French wines and Italian liquors while sailing the Mediterranean on an affordable private yacht.

On many yacht packages you’re responsible for food purchases. With Delta Group you have the option of full catering. Our crew are creative and attentive. We have diverse menus to choose from including exotic specialities like Thai Coconut Soup, Italian specialities like Crema di Mascarpone, or classics like grilled fresh fish with thyme.

Our team is very attentive regarding dietary challenges and allergies both in menu planning and preparation. Whether you’re low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie or leaning on the tasty side, our crew will see that your needs are met without compromise.
We’re also capable of intriguing our younger yachtees, with colorful dishes. They’ll love our self-service, virgin-cocktail bar with a variety of condiments and loads of ice.

Learn about our Family themed cruises

from Antibes and nearby ports

Romance at sea

Sunset aperitifs and more

Delta Group can provide tailor-made services to pamper you, your family, or your clients. From cuisine & cocktails to discovering the hidden gems of the Mediterranean, we’ve got you covered in total security and style for an escape that will be …unforgettable.


Discover what Delta Group can offer while planning your corporate event aboard a yacht.

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