A gem on the edge of Marseille

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Les Calanque (fjords)

Welcome to Provences most natural wonder. Ancient valleys submerged by the Mediterranean Sea 10,000 years ago, the Calanques are dazzling white limestone cliffs studded with cracks and scree that offer a striking contrast with the azure blue waters below. Spanning 20 kilometres between Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat, the Parc National des Calanques offers a varied relief, eroded and carved out by the wind and sea.

Here, breathtaking peaks rub shoulders with steep slopes and majestic vistas over the Mediterranean Sea stretching as far as the eye can see. We can’t say it enough: the Calanques National Park is Europe’s only suburban national park that encompasses both land and sea.

Suitable travel means:
sea, air and land
Suggested duration of tour:
from 2 days to 5 days

Discovery tour: Your Turquoise Calanques skipper will welcome you on board to sail off on a discovery trip:

– The Calanques National Park. A pleasant tour that takes you from Marseille to Cassis, via the most famous calanques (creeks), and the wildest and most secluded inlets. Not to mention the islands dotted along the coast.

– Out and around Marseille. Board on the Old Port and admire from the sea the fantastic views of Marseille skyline, that combines historical sites with architectural highlights along the Port of Commerce, with newly designed buildings like MuCEM, or picturesque spots such as Vallon des Auffes.

– Or even the Cote Bleue, and its beautiful and genuine fishing villages; enjoy the charm of wild and secluded creeks off the beaten track.


The Calanques fjords have been a precious source of food and raw materials for man since prehistoric times. Discovered in 1991, the cave paintings adorning Grotte de Cosquer, at a depth of 37 metres, testify to the former presence of cavemen in the fjords. Dotted with several ports, including Montredon and Port-Miou, the Calanques became a hub of tuna fishing from 1 AD.

Later, the fishermen of Marseille rowed their wooden boats (a.k.a les pointus) there to catch sea bream, squid, sole and lobsters. This traditional activity remains an intrinsic part of the city’s identity as witnessed by the many old fishermen’s cabins (cabanons) lining the Calanques de Sormiou, de Morgiou, Les Goudes and de Callelongue.

The breathtakingly beautiful Calanques of Cassis should not be missed! Contact Delta Group today to plan your next unforgettable getaway.