yacht meeting

Negotiating in style

Need a dynamite location for your next business meeting?

We can host small groups, product launch events, executive retreats, incentive programs, board meetings and team building events.

You’ll have all the essential tools at your fingertips and can negotiate while we navigate to an idyllic lunch or dinner spot where your colleagues can unwind.

Working efficiency

Our team will have your efficient satellite office stocked and up and running before you’ve had time to step on board, so you and your colleagues can work with the utmost efficiency without stress.
fax   –  Wifi  –  White boards  –  Office supplies

Corporate Branding

Corporate events are a fantastic way to show off your company brand while at the same time establishing rapport through quality time with colleagues. Delta Group can provide a variety of branded themed items to enrich your event.

Dietary needs

We take the utmost care in respecting dietary requirements of all party members. Our chefs are intuitive and respectful of even the most quirky dietary preferences and have a knack for creating delicious and varied menus. Whether your event calls for a four-course dinner, a refreshing lunch, or tasty appetizers, your guests will enjoy an exquisite dinning experience and sample some of the finest wines and liquors only available by local artisans.

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