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Climb aboard without a care in the world…

Our team will plan your excursion to the last detail before you leave home to ensure that every aspect is suited to your specific needs and preferences. From food choices to cocktails, late night snacks or water sports, you’ll be fully pampered while you enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the Mediterranean.

Our cruises offer a perfect blend of stop-overs in lovely port towns where you can wander about and take in the sights and the unique serenity of overnights in calm secluded bays where you can dine aboard by candlelight.

Our cruises are not limited to the sea. We will stop at the most sought after locations to discover the culinary and scenic pearls of the French Riviera.

Your skipper is not only a connoisseur of the coast but can offer you insight about the inland coastal areas and will assist you in every part of your experience by advising you, and interacting on your behalf with locals.


Port of Antibes, Cannes o Nice


from 4 to 14 days


All beverages including wine and cocktails, meals and snacks, Skipper and first mate or hostess.


Guided land excursions and third party rentals (ex: jet skis)

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