There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Delta Group never settles for ‘satisfied’.

We’re not in business to book luxury vehicles and pleasure craft; we’re in business to please our clients to the point they can’t help but come back for more of the quality and convenience we bring to their lives.
Loyalty is important for us, because we really get to know our clients and… well, we miss them when they go home. Knowing they’ll return makes our job easy.

See what our clients have to say

I'm a boat lover who's not easy to satisfy. The Nannà yacht was immaculate and was well-equipped with everything we needed. We were often ashore for meals and the last few days we realized we'd been missing out on some incredible Italian cuisine!  Next time we'll take advantage of the crew's cooking skills.

Patrick Henley

This was our first time chartering a boat for our vacation. We weren't really sure what to expect and Delta Group did everything to make our experience incredible. The kids loved the friendly crew. We will definitely charter a boat again on the French Riviera with Delta Group.

Stefanie Rashford

Normally we do NOT do extravagant things but we decided to go all out for my mothers 70th birthday. Well worth every penny spent. to say the least. Our helicopter tour to St. Moritz was unforgettable. Thank you Delta Group!!!!!!

Veronique Aubert

Fantastic service all-round. Thank you Delta Group Yacht Charters for enabling a simply wonderful experience. The yacht was beautifully maintained, perfectly presented and moved through the water like a dream. We weren't sure whether the weather was going to be against us but it turned out to be a fantastic week and the tour Delta Group organized was spectacular. We saw breathtaking hidden coves that I'm sure even the locals aren't aware of.

Marco Santini
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Delta Group is demanding on its staff and every collaborator we involve. Sometimes this can produce a bit of stress for the planners, our crew staff, and customer service, but the upside is: No errors, no neglect, precise punctuality and plenty of foresight to produce out-of-this-world experiences…because you’re worth it.