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Es unterscheidet sich von einem schnellen Geschlecht, was Sie im Voraus wissen, dass nichts Gutes daraus nicht herauskommt. Er kann mit einem ehemaligen Freund oder einem betrunkenen Kameraden auf einer Party passieren – das von Null (oder ein miserables Minimum), und die unangenehmen Folgen werden nicht umwickelt – von der Reue des Gewissens bis zur Bedrohung bis zur Infizierung von etwas. Sakramentale Frage “Warum brauche ich es?” Es hilft nicht immer. Aber es lohnt sich immer noch, es zu setzen.

If you’re not enjoying every minute of being a boat owner because your fretting about the massive costs and the difficulty of carving out enough time for those glorious days at sea, Delta Group can help turn your boat back into the pleasure it’s meant to be.

Have you already thought about renting your boat to cover your annual fees?

If you don’t enjoy your boat as often as you’d like, renting it can be an attractive option. At Delta Group, we’re aware that your yacht is a precious asset and choosing a charter company is not an easy task.

Unlike other chartering brokers, we’re flexible and try to work around a boat owner’s needs so free time can be taken advantage of when it arises and the once-costly vessel can be turned into a generator of capital when it’s not being used.

We are currently looking for yachts in excellent condition with a professional crew on board and based on the Côte d’Azur and the Italian riviera.

Not only can a good charter broker reduce your operating expense by 30-70%, but a boat utilized responsibly on a regular basis has fewer maintenance issues.  There may also be significant tax benefits associated with putting a boat into charter. Why wait when you can offset your operating costs… by partnering with Delta Group!

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